December 17, 2009

Belly Fat Reducer - 7 Reducers

By Dr. Steve Tuggle

A belly fat reducer that melts away your belly fat while you sit and watch television would be nice wouldn't it? You take the pill and continue to eat pizza and ice cream while you get rock-hard flat abs. No exercise, no diet, just a magic pill.

Well, it simply doesn't exist. If there was one, we would see nothing but flat bellies. Instead we are faced with a growing belly fat problem that threatens our health and even our life span.

Instead of wasting money on another fat-burning pill or potion, try these 7 Reducers:

1. Reduce cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone your body releases when it is faced with a crisis. It is helpful in the short term but quite harmful when you remain in the crisis mode. There is a direct link between cortisol and abdominal fat. Cut the cortisol and you will cut the fat.

2. Reduce sugar. Especially in your beverages. Drinking one of those sweetened coffee beverages every morning will put a pound on easily each week or two. Simply reducing sweetened beverages will help many people reach their goal of flat abs.

3. Reduce desserts. Desserts are loaded with sugar and saturated fat. Break the habit of eating dessert every day. You will feel better and get leaner.

4. Reduce snacks. Eating between meals will add significantly to your total daily calorie intake. The answer to this problem is eating well. Start with a good healthy breakfast of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and a small amount of unsaturated fat. Then you need to eat small and balanced meals in this same combination every 3-4 hours. This will keep you satisfied and energized without getting feelings of hunger.

5. Reduce weighing. When you implement a good program to lose belly fat you might not notice the results on the bathroom scales. A good plan will include adding lean muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat. The scales may go up but your abdominal fat will go down as this added muscle burns calories and fat.

6. Reduce idleness. You've got to get moving. Exercise is your best belly fat reducer. You need to do aerobic exercise three to five times each week and strength training two to three times each week. This will burn calories and greatly improve your fitness and health. Dieting alone will not give you that lean and fit look that exercise will.

7. Reduce impatience. If you adopt a good plan to lose belly fat you will eventually be successful in getting your flat abs. However, it won't happen overnight. Losing fat overnight is the empty promise of the magic belly fat reducer. Don't fall for this. Patience is your best belly fat reducer.

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Dr. Steve Tuggle is a certified personal trainer (ACE, ACSM), certified wellness coach, life coach.