October 05, 2009

How to Lose Arm Fat - Best Results

by Franklin Bishop
We would all like to lose a little more fat on our bodies. However, sometimes it seems like it just sticks to people's arms. Arm fat is definitely something that is hard to get rid of. You get the best results by being determined that you are going to shred that fat.
How to lose arm fat
1. Eat healthier I'm not saying get rid of fats in your food. Because that will screw up your metabolism. Just try to eat smaller meals and try to eat fruits and vegetables. Your body needs that kind of stuff because it has magical powers.
2. Drink plenty of water Most people do not get enough water in a day. So make sure you are drinking plenty of it. Your body holds on to extra water for emergency situations because it knows that it is not going to get enough water in a day. Train your body to know that you will give it water so that it doesn't have to hold on to the extra water weight.
3. Arm exercises Most people are recommending that you should try to strengthen your arms so that the fat turns into muscle. However, usually you will just build muscle and fat will just go around it. Instead, use free weights (five pounders) in her arms up and down like you are walking. If it is hard to do then go on a walk and hold them during it. Make sure to move your arms as you walk though.
So eat some healthy foods, eat smaller meals, drink plenty of water, and do some arm exercises. You should shred the pounds off of your arms in no time. When I lost my 50 pounds I was able to lose it everywhere on my body luckily. I was lucky enough to find a book called the Fat Loss Troubleshoot. It gave me a lot of confidence while I tried to lose weight. They gave me many different options that I could try which is good because everyone can't lose weight the same way. I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss goals and hopefully you can get rid of that arm fat.