February 05, 2009

Overcoming the Problem of Obesity

by Barry Ohman

When it comes to being overweight especially as we hit middle age, we definitely have to change our attitudes about this obesity issue or we will only suffer the consequences as we grow older. I knew that my major concern as I was turning 50 was that I was about 70 pounds overweight for my height and I knew that I better make some lifestyle changes or I would suffer the consequences.

The one worry that I had about my obesity was the chance that I may develop Type 11 Diabetes as 50% of cases of Type 11 Diabetes are diagnosed after age 50. One of the major causes of Type 11 Diabetes is from overeating and I was definitely guilty of overeating especially after I quit smoking when I turned 47 and proceeded to gain over 30 pounds after quitting smoking.

It wasn't just the chance of getting Type 11 Diabetes that I was only concerned about; it was also some of the other side effects from being overweight that I was worried about. One definite concern that I knew that I also had due to my weight was breathing problems as I realized the extra stress that I was putting on my lungs which could eventually lead to getting Asthma which was would also be due to my lack of exercise.

Other issues and worries that I had with my being overweight and being obese were the chances that I might develop heart disease due to my high blood pressure and as well the chances of getting arthritis with the excess weight that I had. Then there was my main concern due to my obesity and that was my personal issue with Erectile Dysfunction and not being able to keep an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse.

With fully understanding all the different problems that I was facing with my obesity, it was time for me to make the decision to start eating properly and exercising to overcome my problem of my excessive weight. No longer was I going to be eating foods that were high in cholesterol and carbohydrates as I made up my mind and started to eat more vegetables and fruit and stay away from Fast Food Joints as well as Junk Food that I became addicted to.

The exercising was the big issue as I had to really push myself with this cause and that meant getting up early in the morning during the winter months and going on the treadmill for forty minutes every morning. As well I had made up my mind that I would start doing other exercises like pushups and sit-ups during the evening as well as another twenty minutes of being on the treadmill.

In the end with proper exercise and eating properly it took me about 18 months to drop down to 245 pounds but it was well worth it in the end. No longer did I have to worry about Type 11 Diabetes, chances of getting Asthma, Heart Disease or Arthritis due to my former weight problems. The only issue that was left though was my Erectile Dysfunction that I have overcome with the use of Natural Male Enhancement Products.

I feel that if I have overcome my problem of my obesity, so then can others as all you have to do is consider the health issues that you may face if you don't lose that weight.

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