February 01, 2009

Kid's Popular Diseases In The Winter

by Jim Brown

In the winter, it becomes very cold; kid's resistance against diseases gets weaker so virus can easily break into their body. The following are kid's popular diseases in the winter and ways to prevent them.

Pneumonia, bronchitis

This disease usually happens in infants, prematurely born babies and malnourished babies. This is also one of the leading causes of death among young children.

Kids infected with this disease exhibit the following symptoms:

- Having a fever of 38-39 degrees Celsius (malnourished babies may not). Use a thermometer regularly to check if your kids have a fever or not.
- Usually tired, have dry lips, and do not want to breastfeed or feed less than the usual.
- Having a cough (dry cough at the beginning, then with sputum).
- Having difficulty in breathing.

If kids have serious situation, the disease can be recovered by the following methods:

- Using antibiotic like penicillin, erythromycin, methixilin, cefalosporin generation II, III, quinolon group... Combine two or three types of antibiotics if necessary.
- Using breathing methods like oxygen if patients have breathing difficulties, breathing disorder.
- Herbal medicine can be used to reduce cough, you can also make them take paracetamol to reduce fever, keep kids warm, provide them enough water, milk and other essential foods.

Prevention of disease

- Suckle or feed kids regularly to improve their health and resistance.
- Keep kids' environments or places where they stay and play on always clean.
- No smoking in front of kids and in kids' room.

Normal influenza

Influenza is caused by a virus in the nose and throat, causing a light runny nose, cough, and fever and can be recovered after 5-7 days without using antibiotics.

This disease can easily expand in environments like classrooms, play areas and other public places. Aside from the methods to keep your kids safe from the disease, for the prevention of the disease, you should isolate your kids from those who are infected with influenza until they have fully recovered.

Parents should not worry much but keep calm when your kids get infected with this disease because it will not badly affect your kid's health. What you should do in these cases are:

- Providing enough water to your kids. Fever and cough can cause dehydration in kids' body so providing enough water to them is very important.
- Do not make kids eat too much with the purpose of helping their body recover from the influenza quickly. Infected with the disease, their digestive system is not as strong as usual so parents should feed kids with milk, soup or foods that are easy to digest.
- In those days, temperature indoor and outdoor should not have a big difference. The big difference will make your kids feel uncomfortable and find it more difficult to recover from the disease.

Furthermore, using air-condition or the fireplace can make kids' respiratory system dry, easy to get a nosebleed and cough. Minimize the use of air conditioning as much as possible.
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