July 28, 2008

Reflexology foot massage - A reward to your feet.

by Choke Chira

Reflexology foot massage possesses a Chinese origin. It goes back to 3,000 years ago and is applied in the heal and prevention of many health ailments. The rule of refelxology foot massage rests in the premise that connects all organs, tissues, and cells in our organic structure. Each organ in the body is joined to a particular reflex point on the foot by the intermediator of 300 nerves. A educated foot reflexologist can put pressing on energy lines or different meridians upon the side and sole of the feet to find out the reason of sickness.

A reflexology foot massage is a great things that you'll ever know. You may have a good experience with back massage in your life; however, until you've got better a reflexology foot massage then you just don't know what you're losing. Your feet take you to everyplace you need to go. The stain and stress that is enforced to your feet on each day basis is incredible. Your feet should be pampering you can provide, and so the next day that you determine a back massage is just the thing you require, think of a reflexology foot massage also.

On the feet, it's easy to get a reflexology foot massage. You are able to give yourself a reflexology foot massage or you'll be able to call for your friend or lover to arrange it for you. A reflexology foot massage can be turned into a sexy event too if it's something you're delighting with your lover. Start by thoroughly making clean your feet. A warm soak in bitter salts, lavender or peppermint oil is the good way to begin.

Next step for reflexology foot massage is drying out your feet thoroughly making for sure to have enough time to dry out between each toe. After your feet are dry choose a perfumed foot oil to put on to your feet. Hold on the foot you're working on with one hand, pour out a small-scale of oil into your other hand and lightly start to massage the oil into your foot. Surely, this is more amusing whenever your lover will offer this foot treat for you.

Utilising your fingers, start on the top of the foot at the toes and press slowly, firmly, and stroke to go upwards towards the ankle. This motion is a little bit same using your fingers to press on bread. Remember to change the pressure that you apply for it puts up an enjoyable experience and helps to produce the blood flow on your foot.

When you get to the ankles, then go back the steps to your toes. Once again, do it slowly, stroking movements you are kneading to provide the exquisite reflexology foot massage. Pressure level enforced to the toes should be less than that which is used to the ankle. Do the same action slowly from the toes to the ankle and back once more making more passes.

Following, with your hand, lightly sit the heel of your foot in your hand. With your free hand carrying the top from your foot lightly go around your foot easy by side to side, and so start to turn out your float clockwise and counterclockwise using slowly and move carefully.

Do it again these movements many times to relax your feet and ankle joints. Remember to do it slowly and gentle movements so that you don't put another strain on your joints. It should not to finish with injuring yourself while seeking to enjoy the something as simple as a reflexology foot massage.

After you end up rotating the foot make sure to pamper the soles of your feet. The soles of your feet have a actual thumping and then the special care you are able to provide will give back a big rewards. Start at the base of the toes and going toward the heel of the foot use a massaging and stroking movement to provide relief for the soles of the feet.

However, reflexology foot massage is getting popularity and acceptance instead of health treatment. The lovers of reflexology foot massage trust it can heal not only coldnesses and minor ailments, but severe ailments too. These ailments are also include skin allergies, constipation problems, liver dysfunction, chronic headaches, etc. As if most Asian medical examination techniques, reflexology foot reflexology is a "holistic" treatment. It focuses on handling the all person instead of the symptoms of one exceptional ailment.

By applying pressing to these the reflexive points, the reflexology foot massage is good for making the body process, and to get better blood circulation. So, the top to bottom well-being of a human may be made through with the reflexology foot massage.

Taking the time to enjoy a gently reflexology foot massage or to change one with your lover is a thing of charm. It can help you to get rid the stress, it can improve circulation and blood flow to your feet and after a long day at work it can help you to relax .

Your feet hold a tough job and they deserve to be takecare too. A reflexology foot massage is something that you really pamper to your feet as a rewards.