June 05, 2008

Heart Disease Risk Factors: How to Avoid Increasing YOUR Risks

by Saul Peterson

A heart disease risk factor is basically a lifestyle choice or habit followed by an individual that makes them more susceptible to this killer disease. Almost 60 million Americans have some kind of heart disease, which is the most prolific killer of adults in America. Heart disease kills more women than the other five top killers combined. Therefore, it is vitally important to know what can be done about this immense problem so that it can be prevented from killing more people.

If you smoke, eat fatty foods and don't exercise you are gambling with your heart disease risk factors. The more heart disease risk factors you have the greater your chances of developing heart disease in one or more forms. By avoiding heart isease risk factors you significantly improve your chances of avoiding this dreadful disease.

Heart Disease Risk Factors:
Why Should You Know About Them?

Heart disease risk factors are important to study so that you can avoid the types of behaviors that bring on this disease. By adopting certain lifestyle changes, and improving lifestyle habits that you simply cannot change, you can stay away from the heart disease risk factor that is harming you minute by minute, without you even knowing about it more than likely.

It is also important to note that a certain factor may be a heart disease risk factor and most people aren't even aware of it. Not many know that there are certain factors that can't be helped. An example of this type of heart disease risk factor includes age; you can't help how old you are.

Similarly, you can't help what family you come from either. That's right, heart disease can be genetic and could come from your father, your mother, or your grandmother. That means that heredity can also be a heart disease risk factor. These risk factors are important to understand so that we can track this disease and stop it with more scientific research. Research will lead to more medicines and procedures that will help in stopping this disease.

Just because there are risk factors that can't be helped doesn't mean we should just give up. Curb the risk factors that you can control such as the smoking, the over eating, and the lack of exercise, and let's help stop this disease from spreading.

Awareness of Heart disease Risk Factors can, for the most part, help you to ensure that heart disease can be prevented. It's important to study the heart disease risk factor that plagues you the most. What are you doing that could be hurting you? Try to limit the risk factor or cut it out completely, and your heart will serve you for many years to come.

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