June 16, 2008


by Jhons

COQ10Co-Q10, Co Q 10, Coenzyme Q10
Chemical name: Ubiquinone
CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10) or ubiquinone is essentially a vitamin or vitamin-like substance, it was discovered in 1957 by Dr. Frederick Crane of Wisconsin, U.S.A. CoQ10 is a micronutrient essential to all human life. It is a naturally occurring nutrient that works as a co-factor in the body's electron transport system where all of the body's energy is derived. CoQ10 regulates the flow of oxygen moving in and out of the mitochondria, which are the cell's power plants. The body's cellular power plants can't function without CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10).
Declines in CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10) levels occur with advancing age and appear to be correlated with deterioration of the immune system. Supplementation with CoQ10 could help to boost energy levels, strengthen and protect the heart and blood vessels, enhance the immune system and protect against free radical damage. Like all muscles, the heart needs adequate energy to contract, and Co-Q10 facilitates the production of that energy. In those with coronary heart disease, supplementation may reduce the frequency of angina episodes and increases the amount of physical exercise that a person can perform before developing angina pain. Tissues that need the largest amounts of Co-Q10 (CoEnzyme Q10), like the heart, are those that require the most energy.
How does Coenzyme Q10 Work?
Co Q10 (Co-Enzyme Q10) exists throughout the human body, aiding metabolic reactions such as the transformation of food into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the energy on which body runs. ATP cannot be produced without Coenzyme. The part of cells where energy is produced is known as Cell mitochondria contain the greatest concentration of Co Q 10. Heart and liver also contain concentrations. If you are having periodontal disease you may take advantage by adding CoQ10 to your diet. Clinical studies have shown that extra energy may be required to treat gum tissues. CoEnzyme Q-10 (CoQ10)is the best supplement to provide you that added boost.
As a micronutrient Coenzyme Q10's bioavailability may be compared to that of other lipid-soluble antioxidants like vitamin E. It is shown by the recent studies that oral supplementation of CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10) increase muscle and brain levels. It was also reported that oral supplements increase the concentration of CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10) in the hearts of patients suffering from cardiomyopathies and heart failure.
Health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10
Supplementing CoQ10 has many health benefits. Co Q10 is not only an antioxidant, it can also help with a number of diseases such as diabetes, gingivitis, congestive heart failure, and more.
Take a look at some of the CoQ10 benefits:
CoQ10 can help weight loss, as it helps stimulate the body''s metabolism.
CoQ10 plays a key role in treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, including congestive heart failure CoQ10 is an essential substance in cell respiration, electron transfer, ATP production, and the control of oxidation reactions.
CoQ10 has show promising results in treatment of cancer and parkinson''s disease, and it has show to slow the effects of parkinson''s disease.
Recommended Dosage:
The recommended dosage of Co Q10 is as small as 30 to 45 mg per day were associated with measurable clinical responses in patients with heart failure. More recent studies have used higher doses with improved clinical response, again in patients with heart failure. Most studies with CoQ10 involve the measurement of the level of CoQ10 in blood. CoQ10 shows a moderate variability in its absorption, with some patients attaining good blood levels of Co-Q10 (Co-Enzyme Q10) on 100 mg per day while others require two or three times this amount to attain the same blood level.
All CoQ10 available today in the United States is manufactured in Japan and is distributed by a number of companies who place the CoQ10 either in pressed tablets, powder-filled capsules, or oil-based gelcaps. CoQ10 is fat-soluble and absorption is significantly improved when it is chewed with a fat-containing food. Published data on the dosage of Co-Q10 (CoEnzyme Q10) relates almost exclusively to the treatment of disease states. There is no information on the use of Co Q 10 for prevention of illness. This is an extremely important question which, to date, does not have an answer.

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