May 13, 2008

Is Dating for Married People?

by Mark de Smit

Dating is one event that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. This is at its most exciting part during the teenage years when people are still exploring the prospects of love.

This is not an easy thing for anyone. There is the feeling of anticipation. One can also feel nervous on how to go about it. Some can even worry over the possible success or failure of the event.
Dating, in this sense, is surely a normal event. However, is there such a thing still as dating for married people?

Dating for Married Couples

Married couples can very well make a good use of their time in dating. This is a very nice way to enjoy the company of each other as individuals who are out to have a good and fun time.

Dating can also provide a good time off from the daily routines in the family life of a married couple. They can enjoy a fine dinner for one night minus the ruckus of toddlers or household work.

This is also a good opportunity to reminisce how the relationship started out. This is one way to make sure that the couple remains grounded to each other. This is like recreating their love story once again.

Married couples that are dating will definitely be a nice event to see. However, this situation can take a different turn when it is not the husband and wife who dates each other.

The Problem in Married Dating

In some instances, married dating can be bad when it is only one of the married couple who dates out with another person. This is definitely not good news. This is just the first step to cheating and infidelity of one of the spouses.

Today, the incidence of cheating and infidelity among married couples continue to increase. This continues to threat the relationships between married couples.

This is also a threat to the lives of many people. Children are especially affected by parents who separate because of cheating. Relatives can be affected. Even friends will worry over this unfortunate situation.

This is one reason why married people who still engages on dating others is never favored. For example, there are lots of young women who are attracted to dating married men. This should not be encouraged as much as possible.

The Dating Opportunity for the Once Married People

The problem posed by dating other people can be a big problem when the married person is within a relationship with certain responsibilities and commitment.

However, this should be evaluated differently if the person is dating for the purpose of overcoming a problem or obstacle. This is especially true to the people who have once been married who are now divorced or widowed.

Dating at this point is one way to recover from a big change and start a whole life anew. This is a chance to try again on romance and see if there is still someone out there who could be perfect for the person.

Still, just like any dating event will go, there are many things to consider. This will normally include consideration of what outfit to where, where to go, what to say and what to do.
However, there are more things to take into account for the once married person to date once again. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1.How Soon to Date?

It is important to know how soon you can date. The death of a spouse or being recently divorced can make you go through too much emotional drive. It is best to give yourself a good break before venturing into another relationship.

The break can ensure that once you started dating, one is not as vulnerable anymore. One will have a more rational stance to evaluate decisions and choices.

It is also not a good thing for other people to see that a widowed spouse dates immediately. People will expect a period of grieving before going out for dating adventures.

2.How to Introduce Your Date to the Kids

It is best to keep in mind the kids. They might be surprised to suddenly see other people going out with their mother or father. It is best to talk to them. Express your situation.

Make it clear to them that you have needs that you can explore with another person. Dating does not mean that your kids are not enough for you to love.

3.How to Handle Kids Who Resent?

There are kids who resent the fact that their parent will date other people. Thus, it is best to talk to the kid who resents. Some reassurance may be needed.


Dating might be the next best opportunity to the person who was once married and now off to a new beginning. This is something to be explored carefully and rationally. Thus, keep these ideas in mind when you find yourself in the same situation.

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