April 24, 2008

The Real Reason Why Women Leave Men

by Claire Tourney

If your girlfriend or wife has left you, you may be trying to figure out what you could have done differently or what you could do now to get her back.

You may be trying to decode a thousand different reasons or intentions behind what she did say when she broke up with you, but many times it's hard for her to express what she is really feeling. Perhaps she doesn't even understand it herself.

You may think it has something to do with your appearance, or perhaps your financial status or prowess in bed.

These aren't the real reasons, only surface hints at what is truly going on in that psyche of hers. Now there are exceptions to every rule and your gal may just be unavailable emotionally or have other issues that would cause a break up to happen no matter how amazing the guy was.

But generally, women break up with men or stray into an affair for a very simple reason. They do not feel appreciated! Appreciation signifies to them an awareness that you truly care about everything they do.

Women take care of a thousand different details every day, in so many ways making life run more smoothly, easily and better for you and if you aren't making an effort to let her know how much you appreciate everything she does for you she will start to feel like she can do better.

Men that prey on married women know this only too well, they will shower a woman with praise and attention, giving her the appreciation she craves and isn't getting from her spouse and she can't help but be attracted to the possibility of an affair with someone who makes her feel so special.

Now you may think this makes a woman too "high maintenance" and in need of too much attention.

But it's not the attention they need; it's the feeling that you appreciate all the things they do to make your life better and happier. Think about it, small things such as washing your socks or reminding you to make that important phone call may seem like the natural things she does everyday, but these things can get boring and soul sucking when they are not appreciated.

Think about how you acted when you first met. You probably noticed all the little things she did, the way she dressed to please you or the little acts of love she showed you like calling to ask how your day was going, or making a special dinner for you.

But as the relationship progressed it became easy to settle into a familiar routine, and you may have started to notice some of the things she did that you weren't so fond of. Now you were not expressing appreciation... you were expressing dissatisfaction instead.

But she was still doing those same things for you day in and day out and face it, everyone has to have some reason to keep on doing the things they are doing in a relationship and for women that reason is appreciation.

So if you still love her and want to win her back, start to think about those things she did that you really appreciated and how you can show her that you still care. And then you'll be ready to work on a SMARTER strategy to win her back!

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