April 26, 2008

Get the latest health advice and stay fit

by Rod Ritchie

With all the media reports about conditions and diseases such as obesity, depression, cholesterol, stress and anxiety, blood pressure, asthma, back pain and arthritis, it's no wonder that we are confused about how we might best regain our good health. While we struggle each day with work commitments, we tend to miss the big picture.

Of course, it's possible to visit the doctor every time we feel ill or are showing symptoms for any number of conditions, but we rarely have the time or often the money to run for medical attention every time we are concerned about our health. And while the Internet is loaded with medical information, so much of it is either misleading or biased towards someone trying to sell us their cure-all product that we know, deep down, is really a rip-off that is more likely to leave us poorer rather than better.

We are all responsible for our own health

It's too easy today to pass off responsibility for our well-being to medical professionals. After all, in an era where we pay for goods and services, health is just another commodity - right? Wrong. Sometimes all the money in the world will not buy good health. Nor do all medications lead to a cure. And since we are away from professional medical attention for 99 percent of our lives, it is surely better to understand our conditions more and work on ways to cure ourselves and maintain good health.

But what if the Internet had a good general health blog where people could read informative articles and come together to freely discuss their issues with each other, lending support and encouragement as they grapple with health matters?

Learn about health matters and share your knowledge

Forhealthsite.com is devoted to your health and wellbeing. The site is based on the premise that good health originates with a good diet and plenty of exercise along with maintenance of your mental health. And since we recognize that a careful diet and regular exercise are the best preventative for conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, and stress and anxiety, we believe that other people's experiences in these areas can help you in your endeavours to regain good health. Of course, if your condition is chronic, you may need particular medications, but nearly all medical practitioners these days are only too pleased when their patients take an interest in their conditions.

Women can share their experiences with such conditions as menopause, weight loss and stress and anxiety, while men can relate knowledge and learn from others on such topics as male fitness, back pain, impotence and high cholesterol. And all those concerned about alzheimers, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and laser eye surgery will learn how others are meeting these medical challenges.

Rod Ritchie is editor of the Health Fitness Blog and Male Fitness