April 23, 2008

Anti Aging Support Skin Care for Men

by Leonard Greenhall

Although people like to think that when it comes to anti aging, support skin care is available in a bottle and will provide them with youthful skin and no wrinkles, this is not entirely true. Over the years as people age, wrinkles, scars, and more, are just part of the natural aging process but this has people looking for anti aging support. Skin care is no longer just for women and nowadays, more men than ever are concerned about their skin and keeping it hydrated and younger looking.
Choosing a men's facial cleanser as part of an anti aging support skin care program can seem confusing but always use products designed for men only because men and women have very different skin and needs. First, find out what your skin type is and choose a facial cleanser geared to your skin, whether it is normal, dry, oily, a combination, or for acne. Try to find anti aging support skin care products that contain natural ingredients because chemicals often cause skin problems and irritate the skin.

Anti aging support skin care, shaving products and tips for men help them understand the importance of some shaving basics such as using an aftershave or other soothing product after shaving, but one that contains no menthol or alcohol. Before you shave, use a men's facial scrub or cleanser to make shaving easier by raising the hairs and always use shaving cream or lubricant. To get a smooth shave use a sharp blade, shave in the direction of the hair taking long downward strokes and not against the hair direction. Some men find that a good anti aging support skin care shaving tip is to do their shaving in a warm shower, which expands their skin and opens their pores.

Keeping your skin hydrated is such an important part of anti aging support skin care, especially in the wintertime when people's skin becomes dull and dry. To keep your skin feeling and looking great always drink from eight to ten glasses of water daily because your skin, like all your other body organs, requires water.
Turn your thermostat back at night, have a humidifier installed to put moisture back into the air, use a moisturizer on your body paying special attention to your heels, elbows, hands, and face, and follow the ten-minute rule, which is putting moisturizer on within ten minutes of finishing your shower. Exfoliating your skin is also a very important part of any anti aging support skin care program. It leaves your face feeling softer and removes dead skin cells so it looks younger and healthier.

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Leonard is a personal counsellor and Skin Care Adviser. He is in his 55th year and has wide experience with the emotional problems that arise from skin damage. He strongly believes that skin care advice that works is a vital factor for personal emotional healing and higher self esteem. His site at http://www.skinrefine.com/ Contains free advice and help