March 03, 2008

Natural Skincare Products Are All Around You

by Martin Haworth

The natural nutrients of mother earth can easily be used to ensure that you only put ingredients on that are found around us (albeit for some you might have to travel a little if you truly want to gather your own!).

Typical ingredients of natural skincare products are root, leaf, seed and flower extracts. As well as honeys, milks and spring waters too.

In some cases you can go even further and take your natural instincts to an even greater level, by using organic ingredients, which have the added benefit of not being produced using any form of chemicals.

How Old Is Natural Skin Care?

How old would you like? From the earliest records and beyond, natural ingredients have been used (not just on the skin incidentally, but in medicine too).

As soon as civilizations were evolving, simple, natural skincare products were being used as man's curiosity of the world around triggered experimentation.

If we want to find the earliest records and information about the evolution of natural skincare products, there is much evidence in the civilizations of the Pharoahs, several thousand years before the birth of Christ.

Over those thousands of years, many new ingredients have been found, yet many have stayed the same - deeply rooted sometimes in old wives tales maybe - yet having stood the test of time in the natural skincare products we use right to this very day.

How remarkable is that - the natural ingredients we use in the modern world we live in, rub shoulders with the most technologically advanced potions that manufacturers spend their billions developing!

Modern Day Natural Skincare Products

We live in a high-tech computerized world, where, in a sizable sector of the market, there is a growing fatigue with the new and the artificially manufactured. Of course there will always be a desire for the newest technology, even where the skin is concerned. Have you not seen the adverts with the 'best ever' wrinkle removers, with compelling messages from B-list actresses?
Many women especially, have decided to eschew this extravagance. In recent years there has been a significant renaissance of natural skincare products. In fact this is both good and not so good.

Large manufacturers and retailers have grasped the opportunity and now we have a hybrid product - made from natural ingredients, yet manufactured using the most modern equipment and manufacturing capability. Perhaps not so good if you are a purist, for the rest of us, nature at a great price!

Is this a good thing? Well, if you want natural skincare products that are carefully prepared as a boutique-type product, you may not want the big business ranges off their shelves.

You might invest heavily in the purest and the most natural, even in the way your personalized natural skincare products are prepared.

However, if more widely available natural skincare products meet the demanding standards of your personal requirements, then feel free to take advantage of their availability, safe in the knowledge that you are using a combination of nature, as well as efficient production methods.
Maybe your skin will thank you for it!

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