March 28, 2008

keep your dental health "in the pink"

by s.faraz ahmad

Keep your dental health "in the pink"

As we all are aware of the scruples regarding our health and hygiene, we all are full-grown to believe, what can dire for our health. We all are here in this cosmos as the endowment of God. The God has bequest ourselves with beautiful mind, spirit and body in which we all live, so why not we keep our body in the pink and hygienic.

When ever we discuss why we constantly overlook our dental care. However, our slight grin is the finest way to be documented and remembered by rest of the world. So, if a little smirk of ours is able to make peoples amazed, a little leer of ours made peoples to turn there heads, it becomes our duty it is an obligatory on ourselves to keep a good dental care of ours and for our dear ones.

Poor oral hygiene may lead to serious dental diseases, yet it is relatively trouble-free to keep our gums, tooth... etc germ-free. Dental care is as an obligation on us, dental care is a liability for ourselves.

Like other necessities of our life like food, cloth and shelter healthy mind and body is also a basic necessity for us. We can simply add more fun in our life, just by keeping up good health, which includes of limitless benefits in life, a healthy body feels better, a healthy body, can think better.
There is a logic i.e. taking good care of your body's health and your body will take good care of you. Need for healthy body can only be realized by a person lying on the bed with four to five people around, having a punch full of tablet's, that is the time when a person acutely think of taking good care of health.

Similarly, your oral organs also require good care, and that not be ignored at any cost, oral health is as important as our body health. We all have to make our mind that poor oral habits will leads to poor oral health.

Sometimes, it has been witnessed that cavities and gum diseases not only affect your physical appearance, but if left unobserved it lead to serious problems such as poor sleep, heart diseases and stroke.

Poor oral care contributes in clogging of arteries, damages in heart valve, and serious problem in lungs. We don't pay much notice on our oral care, as it harm poorly on our physical health, not only a normal person, poor oral health gives shocking results on expecting woman also.

Expecting women having gum disease have risk factor of pre mature delivery, new born baby can be of less weight that can also results in other health risks in the child.

To avoid these kinds of situations it is necessary to take good oral care, the least a person can do is cleaning, brushing, and flossing of teeth, a regular visit to your dentist's clinic for your regular check ups.

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