March 13, 2008

The Holistic Approach to Health Care

by Divne Pointer

It is estimated that over 47 million people in the U.S. alone are living without health insurance. Ironically, those who do have healthcare coverage are often paralyzed by the exorbitant and prohibitive out of pocket expenses they are often required to cover themselves. Now more than ever, scores of people around the world are searching for alternatives to traditional medical care but it’s not only for financial reasons. Holism offers a wealth of options for people who believe that true health must include both a healthy body and a healthy mind. The goal of holistic health care is to incorporate wellness into the whole being, not just the body.

Keeping the Mind, Body & Spirit in Sync

Until recent years, the holistic approach was largely dismissed by mainstream society as nothing but a fad. Acknowledging the ineffectiveness of traditional medicine to completely deal with modern stressors and other health problems, holistic practitioners are now being sought out in record numbers. Holism incorporates a variety of healing practices than span many belief systems and centuries of wisdom from cultures around the globe. Aspects of Native American, Buddhist, Shamanistic and Kabbalistic healing as well as a wealth of other practices have proven to yield impressive results at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical treatments. The notable difference between the holistic approach and the more conventional methods is the focus on overall well being of the patient. In other words, when the mind, body and spirit of an individual are in sync, the health of the person - the whole being - will follow suit.

Finding the Perfect Holistic Solution

While there are thousands of holistic practitioners worldwide, it can be difficult, not to mention cost prohibitive to find one in or near your area. If you do find one in your chosen specialty, what assurance do you have that they are experienced enough to warrant your time and money? For that matter, how do you know if they are experienced at all and not just a scam artist trying to take advantage of your situation? You could talk to them, ask for references from past clients or read reviews, but thankfully now there is a much easier and lower cost way to find experts in any of several fields of holistic medicine and with this method, the experts join you in the privacy of your own home.

Benefits of Using DVD’s for Holistic Care

The Center for Healing Arts has found a cost effective way to meet the global community’s ever increasing demand for alternative therapies. It offers unprecedented access to spiritual teachers and healers in a wide range of healing arts specialties, carefully selected for their vast experience in their field of work through its DVD subscription series. When you register, you will receive a new full-length DVD session every other month to guide and direct you toward complete wellness of mind, body and spirit. Each session is recorded in such a way as to mimic a one-on-one personal session with your instructor.

One of the biggest benefits to a subscription program such as this is that you have the unique opportunity to learn and heal yourself in a comfortable and private setting, but that can present its own set of challenges as well. When people attend a seminar or retreat, they have the support of others who share their need and desire to better themselves for one reason or another.
Because continued and ongoing support is often an important part of the healing process, The Center for Healing Arts has created an online support community. Within this forum, healers and seekers alike can come together to support each other and share their successes as well as their obstacles, all in a safe and nurturing environment of like-minded people.

The holistic approach to health care isn’t for everyone, but if you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, you owe it to yourself to find out what holism can do for yo

Divne Pointer is a novelist and freelance writer with a special interest in holistic health and a fan of The Center for Healing Arts' films on healing