March 24, 2008

Guide to Exercising During Pregnancy

by Katie Monroe

Exercising during pregnancy to avoid excess the secrets that most pregnant women will never know about looking good & feeling great during pregnancy!

Pregnancy does not need to be an endless struggle. You don't need to feel fat, unattractive and uncomfortable. With pregnancy without pounds™, you'll discover:

- How to avoid unwanted excess pounds.
- Exactly which pregnancy exercises get you fit and toned
- How to have an easy labor and quick recovery
- Exactly what you need to do now to lose weight fast after delivery
- Secrets to minimize stretch marks and cellulite
- How to crackdown on food cravings (and why you're having them)
- Secrets to looking and feeling like a sexy mama
Wait, read what others have to say about pregnancy without pounds™, with guide to exercising during pregnancy...

"I loved the book. Read it all last night! It's tough to teach me anything about fitness that I don't already know. I have been in fitness for 22 years, have taught choreography and strength training at group fitness conventions in over 25 countries and have an MA in Health Ed. I usually have to go to the World conference to get updated. Books rarely give me new info, but Michelle did a great job and I learned some things from you. Well worth the money!! Thanks." Pam Cosmi, Masters in Exercise Science & Health Education Michigan, USA

I just want to say thank you...THANK YOU!! I'm a physically fit person to begin with, but was nervous for my health and the health of my child. During the first 7 weeks of my pregnancy I felt tired and fat. I was depressed about the way I looked and the way I felt about myself. Just BLAH all the time. As soon as I began your exercises and stretches, I began to feel better about myself. It's not even about feeling fat and unattractive anymore. I have more energy, I feel healthy and overall feel better about myself. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! :) Nikki Charriere Virginia, USA

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