February 14, 2008

Telling your kid about sex: Why and How

Tapan Sarkar

Think of the moment when you saw your newborn baby for the first time. What a beautiful feeling! And with the passage of time the relation between you two has grown into a magical bond. Your innocent kid, you love him. You are ready to do whatever you think is needed for your small child. But why then when it comes to educating your child in the matters of sex you try to avoid your responsibilities? Why you want to leave it entirely on your small kid to find out for himself, in a world where his questions will not be received in the right spirit by other grown-ups?

Accepted, like everybody your own emotions come in the way. You feel embarrassed no end even when thinking about starting a discussion. But being a responsible and conscious individual you have the power to overcome your inner blocks. You have to recognize that power and use it.
And no matter how difficult it may appear at first, educating your kid in the matters of sex is not that difficult if you start early and follow a proper plan.

Starting early makes things a lot more manageable. When your child is of 3 or 4 years old his questions are easier to answer and these discussions of early years makes your work easy later on when your small kid becomes a teenager and issues become fairly complex.

Small kids are curious by nature; at this stage whatever you teach your kid learns promptly and retains it for many years to come. Utilize this impressionability of your kid. When you teach him about his body and various organs teach him about the sex organs as well. Hardly one percent of parents do this. But this approach is very effective and in effect allows you to start your kid's sex education without uttering single word about sex. And the terminology you introduce your kid to helps you in future to start discussion about sex with ease.

If you have not started telling you kid about sex when he was around 3 or 4 years you may face some inertia to start discussion. But don't worry; you just need to apply little innovative thinking to help your kid.

You may try the following approaches to break the ice.

=>It is just normal to feel awkward while starting discussion. To overcome this get busy with some household work --that does not demand 100% of your attention like cleaning your car or preparing a dish -- while talking to you child. This will help you to loosen up while talking. The bottom line is: do something to keep your nerves from getting tight because of tension.

=> If you feel face to face discussion is too much for you, tell your kid about sex over phone. When you talk to someone over phone you face comparatively less embarrassment so you might find it easier to do. But here you have to be little imaginative to create a situation that calls for telephonic discussion of the topic.

=> You may also think of getting help from some relative if you really find it is almost impossible for you to do.

Use the final one as the last resort, because you can teach your child better than anybody else. And remember it is not difficult as it appears at first.

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