February 12, 2008

Healthy Fast Food...Is It Possible?

by Colleen Palati

In our busy lives, many of us find ourselves in the drive-thru choosing our meals from a fast food menu rather than carefully planned, home-cooked meals. If you are one of these people, you will enjoy this article... especially if you are trying to lose weight!

If you're trying to shed those extra pounds, one question remains. How can I survive extra value meals and greasy foods? Is healthy fast food even possible?

A recent study published in Shape magazine by nutritionalists at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) found that healthy fast food choices could be made on the run. They studied the menus of some of the most popular fast food restaurants and found healthy fast food choices on their menu. Some of these healthier food choices include:

Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad: This salad contains 420 calories and includes mixed greens, one chicken breast, roasted almonds, mandarin oranges, and Oriental Sesame dressing.

Burger King's Chicken Whopper Jr.: Any grilled chicken sandwich is a good choice, but this one is only 350 calories and is quite tasty!

Subway's Low-Fat Subs: Subway's newest select subs like Honey Mustard Ham, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, and Red Wine Vinaigrette Club range from 310 to 370 calories.

McDonald's Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: A good choice for breakfast, snack or dessert, this triple layer parfait (berries, yogurt, and granola) comes in at 380 calories.

Other suggestions from nutritionalists include choosing a smaller order of french fries with meals and water as a beverage rather than a drink full of sugar and caffeine. Choosing ethnic take-out like Chinese, Thai or Indian is another great choice because they tend to be rich in vegetables so you acquire more nutrients, leading to more energy.

Don't get stressed out when you have to rely on fast food meals when you're on the go. I know you are busy, but if you take the time to make educated decisions when it comes to fast food, weight loss is still possible. By just reading through the menu a little longer and making healthier substitutions your weight loss goals can be achieved. This is a fact my friend...it is possible to find healthy fast food!

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